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Shortcut is a cross platform command line application and API for creating shortcuts.

shortcut will do its best to find your app, searching for the usual suspects in the usual places (i.e. those in the PATH), or you can give it a full path.

To create desktop and menu shortcuts for python:

  • Using the app:

    shortcut python
  • Using the Python API:

    from shortcut import ShortCutter
    s = ShortCutter()

It was created to solve a simple problem - if you install a python package using pip there is no simple way of creating a shortcut to the program it installs.


There is comprehensive documentation at


Shortcut is available on pypi and can be installed using pip:

  • Windows

    pip install shortcut
  • MacOS

    pip3 install shortcut
  • Linux

    sudo pip3 install shortcut


Alpha - tested and works but issues maybe experienced and API changes are possible.

It should work with Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems.